$99,948.00 NEH Grant

The Africana Theatre and Dance Collection As A Teaching Resource will make thousands of uncatalogued historic and contemporary theatre and dance documents including, photographs, plays, oral history, video and audio cassettes, programs, magazines, and other rich primary sources, available to researchers.


The grant period is from 2018-2020. Students will receive training in archival, preservation, and digitization methods. They will also be provided a stipend to take inventory, organize, catalog, digitize, and upload the collections’ materials to Founders’ digital card catalog which will make the collection available for researchers at Howard, the surrounding community, and the consortium of universities.


At the end of the grant period in 2020, once the collection is established, the students will use the Africana Theatre and Dance Collection to conduct humanities research to create videos, blogs, and podcasts that will be uploaded to the internet. Students will also present their projects at Howard University’s Research week. To ensure that the nonacademic community is aware of the new Africana Theatre and Dance Collection, a seminar for Research on Africana Dance and Theatre will be hosted in Founders Library. See the picture collage above for a small sample of the enormous number of items that will comprise the collection.

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The Africana Theatre and Dance Collection project was made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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